Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

As a tradition, every month, the Johnson family have a little picnic in the woods. Striding on the footpath, Toby sucked his lollipop as he held his balloon tightly. Emma frantically pushed buttons on her phone with blasting music in her ears. Suddenly a strong wind came about, Toby lost his grip and.... WHOOSH!! His balloon floated helplessly into the woods, Kate (the mother) let go of Toby and dug through her bag for something to eat. When she looked up Emma and Toby were gone.

“Emma! Toby! Emma!” panicking, Kate ran into the dark gloomy woods. Meanwhile, Toby followed his balloon, he jumped up and grabbed it, then out of nowhere he heard a noise. Rattling sounds came from a bush, he stepped back petrified. Out jumped Emma, “AHHHH” Toby screamed.

Bursting out laughing, Emma fell on the ground, holding her stomach. Calming herself down, Toby walked off with Emma saying “Oh, come on!”. Unexpectedly Toby tripped, face planting into the ground. Groaning, Toby lifted his head up and saw a bunny with huge adorable eyes and droopy ears. Toby stared continuously until the bunny opened his paw, revealing long sharp claws. It scratched Toby’s face, leaving blood dripping from his cheek.

Emma glanced down at the vicious bunny. It looked up, showing it’s bloodthirsty teeth. Both, Toby and Emma ran off. Trees with branches, thick and sharp, they ran through tearing pieces of clothes. Then they saw a light. Rapidly running towards it, the broke free out of all the thorns and thickets. They saw the picnic table they usually eat at. Kate sat there crying, “MUM?!”.

Toby, Emma and Kate ran into each others arms. Kate touched Toby’s cheek and asked “What happened here?” “Oh, just some crazy bunny” Toby replied, oh so normally. “Sure” mum said. They all laughed and sat down with their sandwiches.

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