Friday, February 11, 2011


Every Saturday I go swimming lessons,I started with a really easy class which is for beginners. I had a bad start on my first day I wanted to quit but my mum said to me not to give up so I didn't.When I was getting better I moved up a class and I was so happy I bragged about it at home!!

Last Saturday was the first class of the year. They put me in the same class as last year but then my instructor told to go to the next class up so I went to another class,at the end of my class I was told that I am moving up to a higher class. I am now in the development class which I am doing today at 5.15. If I complee this class then I wll make it to bronze group so wish me luck.


  1. How was swimming Gloria? I hope it went well.
    I was a swimmer when I was younger - lots of hard work, but lots of fun. Have you see Miss V about entering the swimming sports?
    I'm so pleased that you have blogged about this from home.
    Keep up the great work in class and at home.
    Miss King

  2. Swimming was great Miss King! I love it.

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  4. No Miss King I have not seen Miss V because I am still learning

  5. Hi Gloria
    How was your swimming lessons?Did you like your swimming teacher?I like your writing and your story about swimming.I hope you get in to the bronze group.