Monday, February 14, 2011

Netbook day

Miss King told us that we were going to get our Netbooks, but first Mrs Burt had to teach us how to use them. She gave us a form about taking charge of our netbooks. We had to sign it and agree to respect our netbook rules. While we signed away, these ladies gave us a box with our netbooks in it. After we signed the form Mr Burt came in and started telling us not to leave our netbooks on a chair because someone will sit on it. He said not to eat or drink near our netbooks because the crumbs will go in between the keyboards and rot, if we spill water on them they will break. He also told us not to touch the screen ether. When he left it was time to open the box with the netbook in it. I was so excited about opening the box and getting my netbook out!! When we turned on our netbooks we all said "YAY" then when the screen turned black we all said awwwww but it turned back on and we all said yay again. Miss King said that we could play some games until the netbook turns off because it had low battery. I was just about to play a game when the screen went black, the battery was empty! Mrs Burt came to me and said to me that I was going to be the first one who's netbook was going to be charged because everyone else's netbook did not shut off.


  1. Another very cool story Gloria. You have been using your netbook so well in class and you really are getting the hang of all the new features of docs, sites and blogs.
    Thank you for all your help with others and your patience for when things go wrong.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Great work to Gloria.I admire your good ideas.I love my net book and I hope you do to.Thumbs up!