Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flower Garden

During the holidays I went to my great aunt and great uncle's house. They took us to their garden, they have a beautiful garden it was like I was in a land of flowers!! I saw some flowers(the flowers are the photo I put one) that my great uncle showed me, he said "they are beautiful and they also smell nice". He said, "why not have a smell?" but it was too high up so my great uncle lifted me so I can reach it. I got up too close so the yellow pollen went on my nose and under my nose. We all laughed together. We took some pictures of flowers and me next to the flowers then my great aunt said "let's check out the backyard". We all went to the backyard and we saw more and more flowers!! They said to us that they just plant anything. Right in the middle there was a stand I was wandering in my head what was it. I asked them and they said that is was a telescope stand. After the visit we all went to Milford beach but that's another story.
The End

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