Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake strikes again

On Tuesday 22nd February 2011, Christchurch was struck by an earthquake that was 6.3 magnitude and was 5km depth, this happened at 12.31pm. Prime Minister John Key said that this is New Zealand’s darkest day.The people in Christchurch are in a crisis as their city crumbles around them.

As the buildings collapsed people were buried under the buildings. The rescuers are trying their hardest to save these people and get them to safety. Rescuers searched all night and day to find the people who were trapped under the fallen buildings. Others are helping too by removing bricks and metal off the people and getting them to the hospital. Ambulances became too busy so some people, had to take the injured on a car to the hospital. The hospital was full, so they had to take the injured people to Auckland and Wellington.

There were lots of buildings that fell over that the city became choked with dust. Many people are fearful of this earthquake as they do not know how they can compete with this. Powerful and intense shakes and tremors are causing this earthquake to be extremely violent.

More and more people are suffering and lots of people have lost their lives. People were running for their lives, while the buildings were tumbling down in their way.

Liquefaction flowed through people’s backyards, like a small river. People were walking through liquefaction. Also I found out from my teacher Miss King that liquefaction is cold like sand at the beach and does not smell.

The kids there could not go to school because the schools were closed. They were closed because all the schools were badly damaged and it was too dangerous. Some of the rescuers got kids out of school so they get to their parents and get to kids out of school so they get to their parents and get to safety.

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