Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter for Chirstchurch

Dear Christchurch,

I am so sorry about the earthquake that damaged your city and sorry for your loved ones that have passed away. We send our love to you people. Hoping you are doing alright and having success with finding the lost people. Do not lose faith in your selves. I hope that you will find a way through this crisis and try to be brave. Your feelings and sadness has made me feel really sorry and made me think of all of you. I even feel so sad when I watch the news seeing all your sadness makes me feel like there is no hope but I know you will be brave and have a good success. God bless you and be with you forever. Keep Safe and well.

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  1. Hi Gloria

    You are a great writer I wish I was you so I can be a good writer like you!

    From Asena!!