Friday, February 18, 2011


On Thursday room thirteen had a baseball lesson. We were going to play at the bottom field when we got there we saw Cola he is a champion at baseball. He is also the coach for the Lakers. He told us that 10 and under would have to play tea ball first. Miss King told us to get a partner I picked Chanya then Miss King said to pick who is going to be in the Red group and who's in the Blue group out of you and your partner. After that the Red team were first to be fielding so we were first to bat. I was so nervous that I kept on saying I hate this game. When it was my turn I was really nervous I couldn't concentrate!! I missed on my first try and everyone laughed. But on my 2nd try I hit the ball. I ran as fast as I could I got to 1st base. Wakatere was next when he hit the ball I ran to the 2nd base then 3rd when the next person got up and bated. When I got to home base Cola said safe. After everyone had a turn it was time to swap and when we did I said I love this game. I ran as fast as I could to reach 2nd base because I wanted to be the tagger for 2nd base. It was time to play so Isaia stood up and hit the ball but he missed and we all laughed he missed a couple of times then he finally hit it. He ran to 1st base then second I got the ball and tagged him someone else came to 2nd base and I tagged him too. Right after the game Miss King shouted out"Everyone come and sit down in 2 lines" so we all came and sat in a line. cola said to us that it was a good game and practice I think I don't really remember but after that we all went back to class. I have learnt a lot.

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  1. What a big story gloria i hop you will rigth more big storys

    from lesieli