Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Sample 2013 (Whisper)

Daniel held his torch up to his chest as he walked through the misty, gloomy forest. All he could hear was the rustling of bushes and the whistling of the wind. "Vicky!" Daniel cried nervously. Weirdly, he thought he saw his sister walk into the woods so he followed her. Although, he really wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. "Help mee". Suddenly, Dan heard a whisper, he could feel someone or something breathing down his shoulder. A shiver down his spine. Afraid to find out what was standing behind him, he slowly turned around to see nothing there. 

"Strange" Dan breathed. Continuing with his search, Dan watched the trees waving, creating shadows on his torch light. Who was whispering? Where did it come from? Questions were flooding into Daniel's mind. Stuck in his thoughts, Dan accidentally trips. Staggering onto his knees, his torch skids across the gravel path way. 

"Arghh" he whines, dusting himself off. Grabbing his torch, Dan tried to turn it on again but it wasn't working. The torch flickered as Dan switched it off and on. Finally, it turned on and Dan faced the light to in front of him. "What are you doing here?" Dan jumped, surprised to see someone here in the night. The man's voice was incredibly deep and his glare was petrifying as if he was staring right into your soul. 

"Uh, I'm looking for my sister, Vicky" Dan stuttered. "You shouldn't be here" the man replied. Confused Dan watched as the man revealed he was holding an blood smeared axe. Immediately, Dan ran for his life. He dodged bushes and trees, running into the wilderness. "Keep running, don't look back". Dan heard another whisper in his ear. The voice sounded a lot like the one who whispered before and a lot like....Vicky.

"Vicky?!" Dan yelped, running through some thorns. "Keep running" the voice said back. Obeying the voice, he kept sprinting. He could hear the man behind him, cutting through branches. 

Out of the forest, Dan ran out, breaking free from thickets. "What's happening? Why is this happening?" Dan said trying to catch his breath. Then Dan looked up to see a road. "Dan, you can no longer save me but you can save yourself. This is your chance" Dan was certain it was Vicky now.

 He burst into tears and looked back at the forest. "You followed me into that forest and searched for me but you were in trouble" Vicky told him. "Go! Someone will find my body, but for now.......RUN" Vicky's last words echoed in Dan's ears. He dropped his torch and made a run for it down the road. Tears rushing down his face, he closed his eyes and missed his sister already. "Bye Sis" he whispered back. 

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