Thursday, November 28, 2013

Static Images - The Panda

For literacy, we examined Static Images. Static Images are photos that do not move. They can be signs, posters, paintings or any visual object that doesn't move.After investigating a few images, we were given a task to choose our own static image and answer the following questions.

Describe what the photo is about. This photo is about pandas, the background has bamboo trees laying on the ground.

How does the photo make you feel? This photo made me feel sad because of Pandas are endangered because we are cutting down their forests, resulting with pandas dying along with the forests.

What is interesting/unique about this photo? The contrast and the message it gives you. With the Panda being black and white compared to the background, the panda stands out and also takes up 3/4 of the photo. The Panda looks also sad and it’s depressing. :’(

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