Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Aspirations

5 guest speakers came to our school and told the year seven and eights their story and how they achieved their personal goals and aspirations. Future Aspirations, that’s what it’s called. Our five guests were Mosa Mafileo, Tristan Pang, Emma Brown, Aysha Hohaia and Caine Warren. They all told us different things but all their points met at the end because all of them told us about chasing our dreams which is true

Tristan Pang is 12 years old and believe it or not, he’s going to university next year! I know right, a 12 year old! He studies and learns constantly at home, he says it’s more fun than computer games. But we’d begged to differ. I think he really taught me something. He said that ‘Quest is fun so be nosy’. Science and maths are his strongest subjects but he’s really good at everything.  

Mosa Mafileo was an amazing speaker too. He is a politician and works for the mayor of Auckland. He was really funny and I could actually relate to him. Just like the other speakers, he told about his dreams and aspirations. ‘Chase your dream, Catch your dream’ he said. What was also really cool was that he was Tongan and statistics say that polynesians have a low chance of success but look at him now!

I really don’t know what I want to be when I’m older, I’ve always jumped from one thing to another. Although, writing is what I’m good at and I need to work on that more. Do more of what you’re awesome at and I’m pretty awesome at writing. Another thing I’d like to do when I’m older is be a veterinarian or doctor.

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