Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Hippopotamus and the Fireworks!

Have you ever heard of a Story Spine? If you haven't, there are 10 players. There is also 10 prompts/topics. Each person gets one prompt and a number. For me, I got number 3. We start with 'Once upon a time' then we past the paper to the next person to continue on the story. Say if I am number 5, I pass it to number 6 and then they pass it to number 7 and so on. So here it is:

Once upon a time, on a New Years Eve, Hippo the hippopotamus watched the colourful fireworks blow about in the bare sky from his window.

Everyday, Hippo had dreamed of a magical moment. Seeing the fireworks in person which meant he had to go and watch the amazing show at Otahuhu.

But one day, Hippo watched the news and saw bold words across the TV screen “HIPPOS AT KFC, COME TO THE FIREWORKS SHOW TO GET SOME! FREE!”.

Because of that, he knew he couldn’t eat at KFC anymore OR go to the great fireworks show incase they would take him.

Why would anyone would anyone do this! Being a rebel that he is, he didn’t respect the works.

Poor hippopotamus, he knew what  he had to do, miss the Firework show. Looks like his dream was not coming true.

Until finally, he found out what he could do to fix his problem. He dressed up like a human and entered the show. Anxiously, Hippo glared at all the humans eating KFC. How sick! No one suspected him, not one person. Finally, something good would happen. He got to watch the fireworks, he was as joyful as ever.

Ever since he fixed his problem, he can now watch the Fireworks show every New Years. Hippo has never been happier.

The moral of the story is to do whatever you can to make your dream come true. Even if you’re an animal.

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