Thursday, April 4, 2013

Patrick Surfing

Waves flowing over his head, Spongebob glided through the strong wave. “OH NO!” Spongebob shouts as he falls into the rolling waves. Washing up on the sand, the sea foam bubbled. “Ooooo” Patrick disappointingly shakes his head at Spongebob. Suddenly, Patrick got an idea, a stupid yet clever idea.  “Apply the sauce” he exclaims, squeezing out chunks of glue onto his feet, gluing his feet to the surfboard. “I will not be separated from this surfboard” he cries.

Drifting smoothly through the ocean, trails are left behind him. Barreling around him, the waves eased. Cockeyed, Patrick felt mellow until he spotted a huge stoney rock. “ROCK! SEPARATE! SEPARATE!” Patrick’s eyes bulged out and he flapped his arms around like a manic, CRASH! his body rips apart. Head first, his skeleton plunged into the sand.

Dragged in by the sea, Patrick’s bare skin was still attached to the board or what was left of the board anyway. “I like your sandals” his skeleton compliments. “Thanks, we’re inseparable”. Patrick chuckles.

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