Monday, April 22, 2013

Hip Hop! Fiafia Night!

Cheering on for the Niuean Group, I watched them as they strongly finished off their performance. Oh Uh, my group and I was up next. "Just have fun and do your best" I repeatedly tell myself. My hands start to get sweaty and I jump around to ease my nerves. "The senior hip hop!" Vivienne shouts, I got myself ready.

Everyone claps and screams. Quickly, I rush into my spot and pose, glaring at the crowd who awaits for us to start. What if I fall off the stage? What if people laugh at my dancing? Questions keep rushing through my head. But I suddenly snap out of it. "Just have fun! Who cares!" I whisper.

Music starts to play and I get into the mood and start clapping. Jumping up and down, my hair is going everywhere. Coming up to the chorus of the song, my hair starts to annoy me and I can't help but try to fix it but of course as I am dancing.

Sweat starts to run down my forehead. Through out the whole thing, I smiled and was SUPER happy! After my group and I performed, all the practises flashed before my eyes. All the hard working practises really paid off.

Fiafia was so much fun. REALLY LOVED IT!

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