Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Royal Easter Show

Easter Show, it's such a fun place to go with family and friends. Full of fun rides, shows and so much more. Although this year's didn't have many rides, my mum says that they were used for other events.

One of spectacular things I did was go in the Inflatable Human Hamster Ball. If you haven't heard of it, it is when they fill a ball full of air and they set you on pool of water. Pretty hard to stand up, with all the rolling.

Covering my ears, the ringing sound of the blowing air filled up the ball. "Your good to go" the man said. I leaned towards one side and PLOP into the pool. Underneath my feet, the water flows gently. Carefully, I slowly start to stand up. "Nearly there" I encourage myself. Suddenly, I trip and fall onto the ball. Already, I start to sweat in the hot air. Laughing hysterically, it echoes in the ball. Seems like no one can hear me.

Around me, kids try to stand up themselves to find them face planting into the ground. Calmly and in tranquil, I lie down gazing up to the sky. Feels nice to hear nothing but my voice. In the corners of my eyes, I see someone trudge towards my ball. I face him to find him pushing me and spinning me. Everything spins in a blurry tango as I giggle.

After all the falling down and nearly injuring myself, it was time for another ride. THE HORROR HOTEL! If you were expecting an actual haunted hotel, it's not. Just a short ride, where you stay seated and ride through the dark gloomy hotel.

Next to my mum, she's got the camera ready. "Nothing to be afraid of..." I keep repeating in my head. Closing my eyes and covering my ears, we enter. Written in supposedly red blood, I see clear sheets saying "HELLO" across it. Nothing is worst to me then blood. White lights are flashing through out the ride as I hear screams and screeching sounds of a saw. Still with my ears covered, I open my eyes and peek at what is going on. BOO! A man jumps out scaring the socks out of me. Opening my mouth to scream, nothing comes out. My throat is completely dry.

Out of the hotel, my mum laughs, saying "HA! That wasn't scary". I shake my head. Another thing we did was visit the farm world which was so much fun considering I am an animal freak. Sheeps, cows, goats, pigs! Wow, it was like heaven. In my hands, I held some food for the animals. Creeping up to a lamb, I hold out my hand. It steadily starts to eat off of me. I feels it's tongue licking all the food. SO ADORABLE!

Ferris Wheels, totally fun right? No, the answer is no. You may think that it is nice since you see the great view unless you are afraid of heights. Which is exactly like, I'm such a soft person. Anyway, I hold onto the bars tightly. A bead of sweat rolls down my forehead. Around and around we go. I start to loosen up a little. "No need to overreact, Gloria" I whisper. Hearing the creaks of the rickety old ride kinda of got me a little nervous but afterwards it was all right.

The Easter Show was super fun. I got face art which looked like scars and cuts on my face. But I wasn't expectiong to go. My mum just woke me up and asked me if I wanted to go. REALLY!

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