Monday, March 5, 2012


Try guess where we went on Friday? I’ll give you a clue....... we get to go to our beautiful improved beach. Well, it’s not a school trip. Okay, I’ll tell you, it’s the Pt England School picnic.

Running to the beach my mum followed behind me and my friend (Thea). The nice water cooled us off. Playing with some clay was also what we did. Right after we finished having fun in the water we dried our feet and went back to the sandy sea shore.

Thea, my mum and I went to the grass to relax. Lying down we looked up and starred at the sky. We talked as we calmly tried to relax. Since of course there was lots of laughter and chatter happening. Even though we couldn’t relax I still had fun!

All day it was fun! I spent some time with my mum. Once again it was fun.

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  1. Hi Gloria,
    NIce story about the picnic. I wasn't able to go. It sounded like lots of fun. A lot of people said that the picnic was great fun. I think that your writing needs a bit of fixing up in some places. Keep up the Great Work.