Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Respect

Have you camped at your own school? One hundred and sixty five year 5 and 6 students did. 3 days this camp lasted. During that time we have done a variety of actives. Cooking, swimming and more!

Camp sounded really exciting when I heard we were going to The Lagoon. This was what I was looking forward to doing. Swimming is fun and entertaining to me.

After experiencing skating it turns out I was enjoying it. Surprising really. I’m not a good skater but after some help and practise I got the hang of it.

Camp was filled with laughter, lots actually. But I think the funniest time was when my friends and I had a Language Challenge (it’s a game when someone says a word then everyone else has to say the word in their language, first one who says it wins). “Bubble Gum” Thea cried, I quickly shouted “Gumballo”. Everyone starred at me and laughed.

My goal for camp was to be a good leader. I think I did a good job because my co-leader and I got our group ready in time and to all sit up. That scored us lots of points!

Camp was really fun!! Looking forward to next year!!

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