Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mrs Tele'a Haiku

Rock our World is a global project that has over 30 schools from around the world participating. Pt England School started taking part in 2008. Rock our World is focusing on poetry this year.

There is a kind of poetry called Haiku. The first line is 5 syllables and the second line is 7 syllables. The last line has the same amount of syllables as the first. 3 lines!! Easy! Here is one of our first Haiku's we have written and it's about Mrs Tele'a. Maybe you should write one for yourself.

Mrs Tele’a 
Long beautiful silky hair
Cool, great and pretty.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gloria,

    That is an awesome haiku. I'm guessing it is about her hair? Anyway great haiku. Mine was about her earrings and her hair. Please check mine out!