Monday, August 25, 2014

Storylines Authors 2014

This Thursday, the extension team are attending the Storylines Festival. Similar to last year, we are going to be hearing from some authors. Many of the authors this year are New Zealanders which is really cool.

Juliette MacIver is a children's book author who grew up in Wellington. She went to Victoria University where she received a degree in Linguistics. Juliette had various jobs; teaching English, working as a tour guide, travel agent and a few more. She has written a total of twelve books and is quite well-known for one of them, Toucan Can.

Born in Auckland, Catherine Mayo is a Young Adult writer. Not only that but she is currently in a band named Gentle Annie. She has written only two books, Murder in Mykenai and The Bow.

Out of all the authors, I'm looking forward to listening to Jill MacGregor. Although she was born in Dunedin, she spent a reasonable amount of traveling through the Pacific Islands. For two years, she worked as a VSA teacher in Tonga. Because of this, she writes Pacifica Books, four of them being about Tonga.

Paula Green seems to be the only poet who is attending the festival. Only a few of her stuff are children books but most of the things she has written are poetry collections. She is also a reviewer, anthologist and book-award judge teacher. Ms Green also has a PHD in Italian from the University of Auckland.

So as you can probably tell, there are a lot of things to look forward to at the Storylines Festival. I definitely have some questions for these authors and I can't wait to ask them personally. 

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  1. The authors we will hear from tomorrow have an exciting range of topics for us to listen to. It's going to be jam packed with some very interesting literature and sharing around the different genres and audiences these writers have. I'm looking forward to hearing your questions tomorrow.