Monday, August 18, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact #2

Kaycee and I tried our best to play the game everyday but found ourselves having difficulties with the game especially when we were nearly finished. We played it on Wednesday and Thursday, trying to figure out what was wrong. That was until our teacher told us, everyone else was having the same problem and it was a bug.

Luckily, today they fixed the bug and now we are going to finish it. But we did some interesting things on Wednesday. We hoped on and realized we had completed all the parts on the game except the Courtroom. So we presented our idea to the council and out of 4 ways to stop the asteroid, we picked the Solar Sail. We believed it was safer than the other options because it resulted in less deaths, the idea of it sounded more effective and we trusted the information we were given about this subject.

After we put in our option, we had to provide some evidence on why we wanted to use the Solar Sail. Not only that but we also had to put in reasons why we didn't pick the other options. Kaycee and I soon finished the game after we were given a hyperlink to where the game wasn't buggy. The solar sail proved to be very very effective and didn't kill anyone at all.

The game wasn't that difficult, we were pretty happy with our outcome. I do wish it was longer and had more tasks to complete before going to the council. Other than that, I really liked the game.

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