Monday, August 11, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact #1

Extension got the privilege of being the first class in New Zealand to try out a new game that was developed by a group of people from Auckland University. We had to take a quick test first before getting into pairs and starting the game together.

Kaycee and I played the game together and we found many interesting things about the game. Basically, you are a Alpha Leader in the future who is trying to find a way to prevent an astroid from hitting your planet (Astria). You go through a series of challenges and puzzles that you have to figure out.

I found that the hardest part of the game was talking to the right people to find the right information. Not only that but also we had to rate whether a piece of information was trustworthy or not.

Today, my partner and I managed to complete 4 zones in the game. I think we could be close to completing all of the tasks and presenting the final presentation. We got a lot of information already and are on the right track to finishing the game.

I'm excited to see where the game will go, especially the story.


  1. It sounds like fun! I'm excited to hear more...
    Mrs Nua

  2. It sounds soo cool, Cant wait to hear more :)