Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats Reflection on Netbooks

This tool has been around for 2 years now. It has been very useful for learning, entertainment and more. Have you guessed it? Netbooks. This is what has been like:

With our netbooks, we are able to use programmes such as, Maths Whizz, Xtra Math and Tuxmath. This let’s us have a choice of learning either on the internet or on the programmes already on our netbooks.

Sharing my learning on my blog has given my mum a chance to look at what I have doing at school. My family around the world is enabled to comment and share it with more of the extended family.

Although the netbook has made learning faster and easier, there are some things that could be improved. Firstly, our school is very creative and make some many movies and animations. Our netbooks do not have these programmes, so we can’t make animations or movies, obviously.

The most the awesomest, most epic, coolest and ultimate netbook should contain the best features. And with a few little tweaks, my netbook would be so amazing. Imagine, all the programmes and apps from an iMac on a netbook! iMovie, iTunes, Photo Booth and so much more!!

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