Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Lighting the Tree

Telecom Tree from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

A giant Christmas tree, thousands of people and amazing entertainment! What an awesome event that would be! Well, thanks to Telecom, this event happened at Victoria Park.

After taking a free bus (paid by Telecom) from Pt England to the city, we were greeted by Courtney, and we were kindly provided picnic packs. It was then time to walk to our designated area.

At the park, we saw cameras, a lot of people, entertainment and so much more. Kaycee and I first went to the Santa line which was where we asked Santa what we want for Christmas over the phone. It wasn't a very long line and in a short time we were inside. I asked for an iPhone 5, an iPad mini, 2 tickets to the Hobbit and a German Shepard Puppy.

There were a lot of things to do. Arts and crafts was on of the many things. In a white tent, we were able to make a box containing a light in it to make it glow which was a nice touch.

Soon after, Titanium performed their hit single Come On Home, I won't Give Up and a Christmas Song with Massad and a women. I was near the front so I got a good view of their performance. SO AWESOME!!

Oscar Kightley went on the stage and asked us how we would light the Christmas tree. There were a lot of ideas such as: Push the button, the lever and ask Santa over the Santa line. Oscar went over to the telephone and dialled the wrong number. A guy named Simon answered and said "Oh, my number is close to Santa's phone". Oscar replied "What were you doing just now", "Pulling out the phone from the wall".

Finally, Oscar had Santa on the phone. Santa suggested to laugh but his jokes weren't very amusing. We then had to shout out HO HO HO! After a few tries, the children were asked to go under the tree and look up. "HO HO HO!" We all shouted and the tree lit up like a candle. It was so beautiful!

Thank you to Courtney and Katherine and Telecom for having us and for the free ride on the bus to the city. We all had fun!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

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