Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Critique for Vincent Van Gogh

This bright majestic oil painting (Sunflowers) by Vincent Van Gogh was painted in 1888. The size is 73 by 92cm. People in the 1800s never really thought Vincent Van Gogh’s art was great, he only sold 1 for a few dollars. Now Vincent’s paintings are worth millions.

Van Gogh used mostly the colour yellow in this painting. It represents the emotion he was feeling as he painted; happiness.

The texture of this painting is thick and rough. Even though I haven’t felt his painting before, it shows that Van Gogh had used a lot of paint on his bold thick brush strokes.
Yellow brightens up my day as it is a primary colour. This painting is very convincing almost like it’s enchanted. Vincent painted this piece of art beautifully so to me there is nothing wrong with it.

Just like I said before, Vincent was feeling quite happy as he painted, but I also think he was filled with joy and excitement. Considering that his close friend Paul Gauguin was coming to live with him. Van Gogh painted this to put in Paul’s room. He made 4 paintings of sunflowers.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the best artists in the world. Sadly he died before he became honoured.

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