Thursday, April 26, 2012

Origami Paper Cups

The extension group are back for Term 2. Together we have learnt how to make paper cups using origami. Origami is an art. We did this for fun. Mrs Tele'a gave us 12 minutes to follow the instructions and create our paper cups.

After we made our cups Mrs Tele'a poured some water into them to test if they work. My cup was able to hold the water. This experience was mostly hard for me because I couldn't understand the instructions. But in the end it worked out. Here are the steps if you want to try make paper cups.

STEP 1: Put your paper white side up. After that fold it in half as shown in my movie.

STEP 2: Now that it looks like a triangle, fold the top corner down to the baseline.

STEP 3: Unfold it and there will be a crease line there.

STEP 4: So then you have to fold the left hand corner up to the crease line just made.

STEP 5: Do the same to the right hand corner but fold it to the opposite side.

STEP 6: Now fold the front flap downwards. Do this to the back flap too. Open it and there you have it. Your very own paper cup.

If you want you can watch my movie and it will show you how to do this.

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