Sunday, May 13, 2012

Skycity Fortuna Buffet Restaurant

Going to Skycity on a Friday night is great especially when you're having dinner at one of their most amazing restaurants Fortuna. Skycity was an amazing place to go with our family friend from Austria Ferdinand (Neni for short).

When we got to Skycity we went up 3 escalators then we found the restaurant we were expecting to eat in, we made reservations for eight fifteen. It was about seven forty five at that time. So my mum, Neni and I waited on some comfortable coaches till our table was ready.

Waiting for thirty minutes, we checked the clock and it was already 8.16. Back to Fortuna we went, when we reached our destination, we quickly told the receptionist that we had reservations for eight fifteen. She gave us our bill with our table number on it. A kind man led us to our table.

Finally we were able to eat. Grabbing a plate we got our food, the food I ate was Lamb Shank, Garlic Bread, Stir fried rice and some pork. This meal was divine. I had seconds which was nicer than the first. With this meal I had a L&P drink. Munching on some Lamb Shank, I stuffed some Garlic Bread into my mouth. "MMM" I said to myself with my mouth full with food.

As I finished my dinner, I saw some people get what looked like tea or coffee. Wondering what drinks were available, I stood up to go and check it out. As soon as I got to the hot drinks machine, I looked at the options and then spotted hot chocolate. Curiously pressing the button, steam came out of the small tubes (there were 3 tubes, the milk came out of the 2 outside tubes and the hot chocolate came out of the middle tube).

Walking back to my table, I had a nice hot chocolate. Neni had a cappuccino and my mum had the same as me. Sipping my hot chocolate, it burnt my tongue but it was tasty. Soon our drinks were finished and we had no choice to leave. We left our plates and cups on our table.

Fortuna is a great restaurant to go. It was more costly than McDonalds but we all enjoyed our relaxing dinner!

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  1. Hi Gloria,I was just looking at your recount about your visit to Fortuna.I liked your slide show that you included in your post.My favourite restaurant is Sam Woos in Otahuhu.I like their fried banana coated with cinnamon sugar and french vanilla ice - cream but if your allergic to vanilla DON'T EAT IT!