Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Little Old Lady - Writing Sample Term 2

This is a writing sample I wrote in 40 minutes. It was kinda like a test. It's very long but hopefully you enjoy it! :)

Alice stood still, keeping her eyes fixated on the house across the road. She watched as the stubby old lady sat comfortably in her rocking chair, calmly staring off into the distance. “Why do you always watch her?” Alice’s trance broke as she looked over at Sydney. Sydney smiled as her brown hair fell in front of her eyes. “There’s.....something up with that lady.” Alice said, wonder laced her words.

“You always say that about people.” Sydney joked.
“I do not! I am just.....strongly suspicious of people.”
Sydney let out a long laugh as she shook her head. “Do you really think there’s something wrong with that lady?”
“I don’t know. Only one way to find out I guess.” Alice started walking briskly across the road.
“Wait! What?! NO! Alice, don’t do that!” Sydney yelled desperately. But her shouts weren’t enough to stop Alice from reaching the old lady.

Sydney’s voice seemed to be muffled out by Alice’s curiosity. As she drew nearer to the house, she stopped right in front of the shabby looking porch steps. Very clearly, she could see the white paint peeling and the wood splinters poking out on the sides. “Uh, excuse me.” Alice spoke quietly. The old woman rocked slowly in her chair, not even looking at Alice. “Excuse me.” Alice said once more, this time more strongly. Immediately, the rocking chair stopped. Her body unmoving, the old lady’s head just turned towards Alice.

“May I help you dear?” the old lady spoke, hoarsely.
“My name’s Alice, I wanted to introduce myself.” The old lady’s face broke out into a wide smile, her wrinkles stretching out tightly. “Well, aren’t you polite. My name is Wanda. Would you like to come in?”
“Yes, that would be nice. Thank you.”
Wanda lazily got up from her wooden chair, still watching Alice. She held out her hand beside her and looked intently at the door. All of a sudden, it flung open.

Alice’s eyes widened. This didn’t seem like a very good idea anymore. She wanted to turn around and run but that wouldn’t have been a very nice thing to do. Her feet moved carefully towards the ajar door. Wanda was still smiling at her.

Casually strolling inside, Alice studied her surroundings. Dusty little trinkets sat next to little china dolls on the shelves and pink bows were strewn across the floor. The only source of light seemed to be the fluorescent candles that shone in different colours. There was a red flame, a green flame and a bright yellow flame.

“Sorry for the mess deary. I don’t have a lot of company.” Wanda apoligised.
“Oh, I don’t mind.”
“Have a seat.”
Alice sat down on a plush arm chair, quite awkwardly. “You should have brought your pretty friend.” Wanda said, sitting down next to her.

“Sydney’s not quite a people person.”
“Well, she would have been tasty. She has such a pretty face....” Alice’s head snapped over at Wanda. Wanda’s eyes turned gleaming white and her wrinkles looked as if they were melting off her face. “But I guess, you will have to suffice.”  Wanda’s smile turned into a wicked smirk.

“My dolls have been wanting some more company.” Alice shuffled away from Wanda. “P-ple-please don’t....” Alice stuttered, trembling in fear. Wanda opened her mouth widely, sharp claw-like fangs sprung out. “Nighty night deary....”


  1. Wow Gloria, I love the way you set and described the scene leaving subtle hints along the way for your audience as to what might be in store for them! Lots of juicy words and great phrasing, well done!
    I'm definitely looking forward to more!
    Mrs Nua

  2. Creepy! But a very good story with descreptive and interesting language. I loved it!