Thursday, December 12, 2013

Action World

Action World was really enjoyable, everyone looked like they had fun on the trapeze, crazy ladder, jungle swings, rock climbing wall and the jump and slide. These inflatable attractions had us all smiling and laughing.

So everyone could have a chance to go on everything, we had a rotation where everyone would take a turn doing the activity and when we heard the whistle, we would move to the next thing to do.

All of the activities were all very amusing but one of my favourites was the Jungle Swings. Climbing up the ladder, I stood on the two planks and got a hold of the swing. I kept my eyes looking in front of me, trying not to be tempted to look down. Holding tightly onto the grip handle, I could just feel the hands getting sweaty. Nervously I jumped off the planks and off I went.

Trying to maintain my strong grasp on the bar, I quickly took one off the bar and grabbed the next one. I could hear my friends cheering me on as I made it to the very last bar. At that moment I got pretty lazy, I decided to drop down onto the big squishy airbag.

I also liked the Joesting Bridge, I fought against my two friends Kaycee and Grace. And both times, I lost but honestly it was really funny. Grace fell on top of me when I fell of the bridge and it was quite painful. Even though I lost both battles, it was cool to try push my friends into a soft pit.

The whole day at Action World was just and I have said probably 4 times already: FUN!!!!!! I would really like to go again and maybe even try out the trapeze.  


  1. Well done you almost made it to the platform and that was some very nice long writing well done!!!!!!!! (KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK)!!!!!!!!!

    from Sarah

  2. WOW! that's petty good Gloria and im glad you had fun and that every one was happy well done.