Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Nervously making my way to the ict room I said to myself "okay, Gloria you can do this all I have to do is the Pt England Way for 1 day and it is over". My cousin Mino heard me and said "Um you doing the Pt England Way til Thursday". My mouth opened. I froze in shock, I wasn't moving. It was a nightmare to hear that!! "Here read this scirpt and speak with expression" Mino said. Practising really hard with expression I thought in my mind it's alright. Just as I was going to read the script again Mino called out "Gloria, it is time to film you". Shyly going to Mino I asked how do I do this? She replied and said just put this mic on and read the script. Mino was distracting me I couldn't concentrate with her opening her mouth really wide.

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