Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camp Reflection

AWWWWW, Can you believe that camp is over!? Yes! Really over, done, finished!!! Maybe I started a bit too far from the beginning.

Let's start on day 1 when I came to camp. Jumping up and down I made my way to the hall to put my bag on the floor. Sadly I waved good bye to my mum and got my bags. Lugging my bags in excitement I went to the hall. It wasn't easy to get my bags, there were just too many things to carry. I had a pillow, sleeping bag, a huge bag for my clothes and a day pack.

Can you imagine how I looked like when I dragged my bags. Every thing was ready so I knew that we were about to go to the Lagoon soon. As soon as I got the news about going to the hall I dashed as fast as I could and sat in my group line. We had a little talk(the teacher talking to us yr 5's and 6's.) camp and how to behave.

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