Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Robert Mugabe

For the past 2 days, in my Social Studies class, we have been learning about governments. Currently, we're looking more into DICTATORS! To help us better our understanding of dictators and dictatorship, our teacher, Ms Watene-Taie split our class into groups and gave us each a past or current dictator to create a presentation about.

We had to include a biography of that dictator and had to talk about their life before coming into power and how they came into power. Here is our presentation about Robert Mugabe; the current president of Zimbabwe. There is quite a lot of writing so HAPPY READING! 
Hopefully, you learn something from it.

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  1. You are correct - I did learn quite a few things I didn't know about Mugabe. I realised he is the same age as my father and thought a bit about what very different men they are!

    Great to see you sharing your learning.

    Mrs Burt