Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Self Management

Key Competencies are a part of the New Zealand curriculum to help young people, like ourselves become supportive, confident and actively involved lifelong learners. Self Management, being one of the Key Competencies, is the aspect that we are currently exploring. People who are effective self managers are reliable and are able to set high standards.

Being able to manage yourself during class is actually pretty difficult to do. It is really easy to get distracted by friends and surroundings when trying to complete work and tasks. Plus it’s as simple as that to go onto another site and play games. During class, self management looks like working independently and working away from interruptions. Also knowing when to tell someone to do their work and when to take a break and talk.

The Street is an area in our intermediate block that is another working space for us. Its reasonably large so there is lots of room for all our classes to use. When in the street, we have to fight the temptation of speaking to our other friends in different classes. It’s not a very quiet area so distractions are inevitable.

Outside of class, like at the playground, kids find it much harder to manage themselves. Although lunch and morning tea is a time for us to play and take a break, it is a great idea to always think ahead and reflect. Obeying the rules and thinking about others around you is how the kids should manage themselves when playing and messing around.

In conclusion, self managers are innovative and cable learners. With can-do attitudes, they can make plans and strategies for meeting challenges. They can also set goals for themselves to strive and achieve. Whether they are leading or following, they are resourceful learners.

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