Monday, October 21, 2013


Halloween is well known for crazy costumes and trick or treating. As one of the worlds oldest holidays, many countries celebrate this event, although North America and Canada maintains the highest level of popularity for this holiday.

Halloween started in the eighth century, Pope Georgry III decided on November the 1st that this would be the day for All Saints Day (this was to acknowledged all the saints and martyrs who passed) and on October 31st would be for All Hallows Eve.

It is said that Halloween originated in the Ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. For this holiday, people use to light a bonfire and wear costumes to ward off bad spirits and wicked souls.

Some believe that on the night before Halloween (October 31st), Samhain summoned wicked spirits and bad souls. Since the people were afraid, they sacrificed to their Gods, hoping they would be spared and be protected. This is where all the scary characters came from or at least this is what some people believe it came from.

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