Thursday, May 9, 2013 (That Power)

Here is the Link to see his new song. came to our school! THAT'S RIGHT!! WILL.I.AM!! Miss King assigned us to look at his new song: That Power and what his lyrics really mean. So here is what I think what it means. is a really inspirational person and he reflects that on one of his songs: That Power ft Justin Bieber. Looking at his lyrics, I reckon it’s about him and how he has grown so strong. Doesn’t care about what others think, he dreamed big when he was young. Everything he’s done has made him a better person and he gets stronger and better every time. He was very poor and now look at him, famous, living large and is super inspirational. I also think that the title That Power says that we have the power to do anything.

His mission is to transform disadvantaged youths and he hopes his donation to the Manaiakalani Trust will help these young people gain the skills for the future. Giving 100,000 dollars is so generous and is a lot of money. He wanted to better the future for us kids. “Even if just one person from New Zealand can go on to do well then this will be worth it. One person could go on to achieve greatness if they are given the right tools - technology - to do it." says. has become a role model for me and I’m sure everyone else in the Manakalani Education Trust. He believes that we are the future and he has proven that we can do anything.

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