Thursday, February 14, 2013



Touch is a great sport to play. Lucky for me, my class trained with a professional named Kevin.

As a warm-up, we played a little game called Octopus. You may be familiar with this game. But there was a twist, if you were tagged you had to link up with that person and you’re in. 2 people started out as the ones to tag us. Running to one side, I watched the other kids dodge and dash. A lot did get tagged and there was a long line of linked up children.

Making a run for it, a bunch of girls ran after me, suddenly Turuhira nudged my shoulder and pulled back. My arm linked up with her, I started to run after Kaycee. Reaching my hand out, I struggled to grab her. Kevin then blew his whistle, I immediately froze and looked at him. Octopus was ending. On the bright side we were all warmed up and ready to do some drills.

Dividing us into 4 groups, Kevin put halve my team on one side and halve on the other. Under the relentless sun, we passed the ball to each other until we had to throw the ball to the next person. Swiftly scooping up the ball, I passed to my left then I quickly ran towards my group. Tumbling over the line, our coach picked it up a notch by making us run in pairs.

We had to stop in the middle and roll the ball through our legs for our partner to pick it up and throw to the next pair. Following behind my partner, he rolled the ball through his legs and I picked it up. Scurrying like a rat, I passed the ball. After a learning new skills, it was time to play some touch. Because of the number of players, we played Jungle Touch.

With the other team with the ball, one of the players from my team touched them. 5 meters, we moved back. At the end of the game, I think the other team was winning but overall it was really fun!! I can’t wait to play again next week!

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