Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crocodile in the Creek

Jason, Ella were 2 teenage siblings who were on vacation. One day, they went to the creek, they ran past a sign with a tree branch covering it, they took no notice and dipped into the water.

Suddenly the tree branch fell off, revealing the caution which read “WARNING: CROCODILE INFESTED”. Ella ducked under into the water, hiding from Jason. Unexpectedly, someone or something grabbed her leg, dragging her away.

Jason looked everywhere, thinking this was just a game. “Ella! Ella! Come out, come out, wherever you are”. But there was no reply. He stood there as panic overtook him.

Meanwhile down at the creek, Ella was waving her arms in the air and was screaming with horror as the croc bit into her leg deeper and deeper. Her brother quickly dialed 111. Diving into the water, Jason grabbed Ella’s arm and pulled like their was no tomorrow.

Lucky for Ella, she survived this terrible disaster, but tooth marks still remain on her left leg with stitches on them to keep the skin together.



  1. Hi Gloria,
    I like your story, pretty good writing and build up of the story line! Keep it up!

  2. Well done Gloria,

    Totally Love your story, great work you have done. I'm enjoying your story so much! It seems like a pretty great story. I love how you described the sign.

    Keep up the great work Gloria!