Monday, July 23, 2012

Why does a Bee Sting?

Bees are unlikely to sting human beings, unless they are being provoked. Using the weapon that has been given to them by nature, they use their sting as self defence.

A bee’s stinger is a fine sharp barbed tube. Only worker bees sting, injecting a drop of poison into the body.

It is said that a bee can only sting once then it dies. Generally a person that is stung instantly knocks the bee, tearing the stinger from the body. This prevents the offender from withdrawing the sting naturally.

Bees are able to sting as often as it wants. Unless we quickly pull the stinger away from the body.

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  1. Hi Gloria, I have been stung by a bee and I didn't provoke it. Didn't know that the bee dies after a sting. Looks like I have learned something new today. Nice drawing.
    'ofa atu