Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Mulberry Tree Critique

Van Gogh uses a special technique to create his paintings. I have attempted to use his style and technique to duplicate The Mulberry Tree in Autumn (which was painted in 1889). Like most of his paintings, the medium is oil paints. Below is a critique I have created.

Van Gogh’s painting is very funny looking, as the tree shape is squiggly. I think that I have made my tree shape similar to his, not exactly the same though. This is because the outline isn’t realistic. It’s impressionist art so it’s pretty difficult to copy.

My blue sky looks similar to the original, this is because I can see Vincent’s bold brush strokes. I seem to see mine too and they go in the same direction. Broad brush strokes is a technique of Van Gogh’s.

The tree in my painting contains the colour red, which is not in the real painting. This is because I might’ve used too much red to create orange. But it does make my painting stand out with its flaming colour.

Although the sky looks similar with the strokes of my paint brush, the blue is a different shade. I have used one colour for the sky while Vincent used different types of blue. He blended it with some purple too.

The bright colours he used show he was feeling happy, I can tell because of the bright effect. In one of his letters to Theo, he explained that it was a superb Autumn he was having and he wanted to take advantage of it. He captured the golden moment in this painting.

I’m happy with how the colours in my tree are blended together. Making it easy for others to see them. Plus it looks cool and wavy like.

This painting is not one of my best, but I’m proud with what I’ve done.


  1. Hey Gloria,
    This is a really nice post with the picture that looks very much alike. Your complex sentences make you story more interesting. Can't wait to see more of these stories.
    KEEP IT UP!!!

    From Quziyah

  2. Hey Gloria,
    I really like your critique. I also love your mulberry tree, I think it looks very similar to the original. Great work. Keep up the great work.

    From Jouan :)